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Tommy's Ski and Wake School


Tommy’s is your premier wakeboarding, water-skiing, surfing and all-around water sports school. Since the early 80’s, we have been teaching first-time riders how to play behind the boat. Those locations were in Colorado and the West Palm Beach area. We currently have two locations in Michigan: Grand Rapids and Walloon Lake. Our Florida Location is located in Jacksonville. We provide professional instruction in wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating, water-skiing and kneeboarding. We even offer tubing, if you dare! As the premier wakeboarding and water-sports charter business in these areas, we have the absolute best innovations, locations, and instruction. Our convenient locations provide a perfect backdrop for learning and/or improving your water-sports skills. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Come take lessons from the leader and help us maximize your time on the water!

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Wakeboarding is the root of all board sports behind the boat. It’s simplest comparison is in its sister sport: snowboarding. Wakeboarding is basically snowboarding, waterskiing, surfing and skateboarding all wrapped up in one. Board sizes typically range from 109cm to 155cm, and will vary based on riders’ height and weight. Speeds are generally between 12mph-18 mph for beginner, 18-22 mph for intermediate, and 23mph plus for advanced riders. For beginners, we start with small, mellow wakes and slower speeds. This allows for two things: 1st, slower speeds help slow down the pace and allow for riders to learn board control, carving and small jumps. We work on form in this speed range and make sure board control mastered. 2nd, the slower the speed, the softer the water which allows for soft and lighter falls. Intermediate riders will get a bit more speed and taller, steeper wakes for learning wake jumps of all kinds. Advanced riders will want the biggest wakes possible, while speed will usually range from 23-27 mph for them. Speed, wake size and proper technique lead to big air and all kinds of inverts and spins.

Wakesurfing is the latest frenzy in watersports. Easily the fastest growing watersport, along-side paddleboarding, wakesurfing is basically surfing behind the boat with NO ROPE No one needs to have prior surfing experience to learn. Simply start in the water, lean back while resting your j=heels on the board, and let the boat pull you up. Once the wake develops into a surf wave, lean slightly forward in a crouched, comfortable and stable position and ride the wave. Once the wave is caught and there is slack in the rope, let go and surf!!! We will coach you through all this! Boat speeds are anywhere between 9-13 mph depending on many factors. We typically surf at about 10-11 mph. Of course, we are there to coach you the entire time. Our propeller is underneath the boat and our speed is very slow, so the falls are mild and painless and fun and surf wave is endless. Come catch a wave with us!!!

Wakeskating is the water-equivalent of skateboarding. These oversized skateboards are made for the water. To start, simply keep both feet on the wakeskate, similar to the foot stance of a wakeboard, and let the boat do the work. Keep your knees bent and arms straight and the boat will pull you into a natural riding position. Typical skate spedds range from 16 mph to about 23 mph. Wakeskates typically have smaller fins or no fins at all making for easier to ride switch. Skaters typically wear skate shoes, although most beginners start with no shoes (barefoot). Beginning wakeskaters will have fun just keeping their balance, crossing the wake and learning surface spins. More advanced skaters will get into skateboard like tricks: Ollies, Shuvits, kickflips while launching wake to wake or off kickers (small ramps) or bigger rails/sliders. Wakeskaters are smaller in number but those who skate, truly love it!

We have all kinds of water skis. Whether you’re a first time beginner or more advanced slalom skier. We have combo skis of all sizes for beginners, have advanced carving skis and hybrid slaloms. Whatever your ability, our instructors can coach you up a level or two. Beginning combo skiing tip: keep both ski tips up, arms straight and bend your knees and your captain will handle the rest. Beginning skiing ranges from 10-20 mph while advanced skiers ski up to 36 mph.

Kneeboarding has been around since the early 80’s. The is a great sport for kids (and some adults) to learn behind the boat. We recommend the first time water-sports participant try kneeboarding first. This is a slow, speed, low impact sport. Start on your belly and let the boat slowly speed up to a decent plane. Once kneeboard is on plane, coach will signal when it’s time to sit up on your knees. Once you’re up and kneeboaridng, simply lean right or left to go in the direction you wish. Speeds for kneeboarding range from 10-22 mph, depending on ability, size and weight. Most kids who are intimidated by skiing or wakeboarding will start off by learning to kneeboard.

Take a break from learning all the technicalities of water-sports and treat yourself and others to a tube ride! Out tubes made for three adults, so you and your family/friends can have a blast by being towed around by our experiences staff. We can go at a nice and easy pace for a relaxing ride or scale it up to big air and speed whips out into the flats. It’s up to you. Our staff is here to ensure that you are enjoying your tubing so come hop on!

We have three great locations to serve you